Africa: 5 Most Interesting Places of the Continent

11 June 2018
Africa Vineyard Interest

Africa is one of the main trends of summer season travels. Famous people look for inspiration in Zulus routine days, on the streets of Marrakesh, in Egyptian deserts, and so on. We follow them in exploring this mysterious continent and offer you five places you obligatory need to see if thousands of miles are covered, and you’ve landed in Africa.

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Most Wondering Animals of Africa

28 May 2018
Africa Animal

Africa… There are so many interesting and mysterious things hidden in its tropical forests and borderless savannas. Here live really huge animals, and here are small and invisible ones. But nobody can guarantee an insect to be less dangerous than an elephant or a lion. Only the bravest person can come close to most of African wild creatures.

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An African Rift

24 May 2018

A rift that can break the continent apart appeared in Africa.

Africa Rift

The earth literally opened up in Kenya. A huge rift appeared there. Scientists say this rift is about to tear the continent apart sooner or later. This won’t happen fast, but even now the rift is looking like the one from the Apocalypse movies. And it keeps getting bigger.

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Why does math matter in Africa?


Ethiopian ancient math similar to the principles behind today's computers