Most Wondering Animals of Africa

28 May 2018
Africa Animal

Africa… There are so many interesting and mysterious things hidden in its tropical forests and borderless savannas. Here live really huge animals, and here are small and invisible ones. But nobody can guarantee an insect to be less dangerous than an elephant or a lion. Only the bravest person can come close to most of African wild creatures.

African world is so beautiful and wonderful that the interest for people to touch it and to see it closer will never fade. So, what are the most interesting animals of Africa?

The Rarest Animal of Africa

Okapi.A forest giraffe, or as it was called earlier – a Johnston’s horse – looks like a kind of as hybrid of three animals at once: a horse, a giraffe and a zebra. Henry Stanley, a well-known traveler and journalist, was the first to hear about these creatures from local aborigines. When the skin of a forest giraffe got to the hands of the explorers, they accidentally connected it with horses by a mistake, but the following research on this rare and very timid animal made them conclude that the beast looks more like a dwarf giraffe: a species that has survived since the last Ice Age.

A rare creature with the body of a horse, long and painted legs looking like zebra’s ones, long neck and a giraffe’s face hides from human eyes in the basin of the Kongo river.

The Most Unusual Animal of Africa

Armadillo girdled lizards. This is the creature which has the look that can amaze any naturalist. This lizard that lives on stony territories near the southern borders of the Sahara Desert looks like a living child of a dragon. Reaching the length of 70 cm (27,5 inches), an armadillo girdled lizard looks like having been assembled from separate scale plates. There are up to 70 species of these dragons, and every single one has its own preferences in food.

The Most Dangerous Animal of Africa

Probably there is no other continent where so many dangerous animals live. Snakes, poisonous flies, scorpions, mosquitos, and savage predators like lions and crocodiles can be met here. You can easily turn from a hunter into a victim even while hunting herbivorous giants like buffalos. But the most dangerous creature for a person who decides to walk through Africa is the tsetse fly.

You won’t even understand when this quite a large bloodsucker will bite you and infect you with the sleeping sickness. Tsetse kills almost 250 000 people who became its targets because of the unfortunate conditions and accidents per year.

The Biggest Animal of Africa

Even a child can answer this question. Of course, it is an African elephant. The largest exemplar ever seen by humans reached the weight of 12 tons. What is wondering: elephants communicate on ultra-low sound frequencies which just can’t be heard by human ears. Another interesting fact about African giants: elephants can create seismic waves spreading around them within the radius of 1 mile.

The Highest Animal of Africa

And this question can be answered by a child as well. Who does not know a spotted giraffe? This African creature can grow up to 6 meters high. And this giant is dangerous only for trees, as it can eat up to 63 kilograms of leaves and shoots within the day. Just think about it: a step of this titan is 4 meters long, and it can have a speed of 50 km per hour!

The Fastest Animal of Africa

Beautiful cheetahs are not only included to the list of the rarest animals, they are leaders of the sprint 500-meter runs. This cat looks like it was created for speed, but at the same time, cheetahs are the weakest representatives of their kind. Their appearance can be described with two words: aristocratic cats. Nobody can catch up to this cool spotty cat: it can speed up to 90 km per hour.

Cheetah Run

The Scariest Animal of Africa

Its name is Gustave. This ogre crocodile is still alive, and it scares not only locals: it kills because of fun and not of hunger. A Nile monster weights a tone, is almost 60 years old and lives in the African Burundi.

The body of this monster is covered with scars and cuts of knives and bullets, but all the attempts to catch this beast have failed. He never got into any underwater trap. If you suddenly notice a 60-meter long crocodile with a dark spot on its head, run. Unless you want to become one more toy for Gustav.

This is the world of the most wonderful animals of Africa. Some of them have been known to you before, and you have surely found out some new things about the others. Still, humans can only guess the other mysteries and wonders hidden behind stones, in sands and on trees of this hot continent. 


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