Africa: 5 Most Interesting Places of the Continent

11 June 2018

Africa is one of the main trends of summer season travels. Famous people look for inspiration in Zulus routine days, on the streets of Marrakesh, in Egyptian deserts, and so on. We follow them in exploring this mysterious continent and offer you five places you obligatory need to see if thousands of miles are covered, and you’ve landed in Africa.

RSA Vineyards

Maybe, not everyone knows that the Republic of South Africa occupies the 8th position in the ranking of world’s amounts of wine production. Winemaking prospers here since the XVII century, and 300 years old South-African vineyards are especially famous as places where wonderful white Chardonnay and Riesling wines are produced (80 percent of RSA wines is white). The main winemaking region of RSA is located near Cape Town – it is Stellenbosch, one of the richest and most successful cities of Africa that has its streets decorated with rich mansions with white walls.

Africa Vineyard Interest

It is worth coming here not only to enjoy a light sweet aroma and taste of Riesling, but to see landscapes first of all. The city is located in a valley surrounded by powerful mountains: they are so high that their summits get covered with furry South-African clouds. Both wines and sunsets of Stellenbosch are wonderful.

Cabo Verde

Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde is the state located in western Africa: a flight from Acre won’t take you long but the journey is something you will remember, no doubt. Cabo Verde with Atlantic breezes blowing at its coast is the world center of windsurfing. Its main features are beaches and… music.

A vast and empty sand coast washed by waters of the Atlantic Ocean was literally created for romantic evening walks and quiet meditations. Those who look for an “all inclusive” level of comfort, should visit the most popular island resort named Sal. Those who look for extreme traveling can go to Fogo island with its active volcano (its last eruption happened in 1995). Cosmic panoramas of volcano can be seen from any terrace of local small hotels. A hike to the top of the volcano is an obligatory part of the entertainment program on this island.

Cabo Verde is famous not only for its nature but for its musicality. Cesaria Evora, the great woman singer was born here. Cabo Verde is the center of the fado and morna music. It is sad and dreary but very soulful. Everyone sings on Cape Verde islands: children, adults and the elderly.

Cape Town

An impressive harbor with snow-white beaches, the Table Mountain, colored houses, luxurious Victorian mansions: these and many other things make Cape Town one of the most impressive cities on the African continent.

There are numerous places of interest in the city: antique collections in museums, a 350 km long “garden road”: the route through sanctuaries, tropical forests and marvelous country towns, and of course, one of seven natural wonders: the Table Mountain rising above the city. Cape Town is a good place for fish gourmets: seafood and fish is the basis of local cookery. They cook salmon, oysters, and lobsters perfectly here. It is especially pleasant to have a degustation on the promenade. If you are lucky enough, you can see whales or dolphins swimming not far from the coastline.

When you are in Cape Town, don’t refuse the pleasure of visiting the most southern point of Africa: Cape of Good Hope. The road to the cape is the complete impression itself: it goes through a sanctuary that is covered with tropical plants. After rising to the beacon above the cape, you can enjoy a unique view: look at the point where two strong oceans – the Atlantic and the Indian – meet each other.

Polar animals – penguins – live in South Africa, not far from the Cape of Good Hope.

Victoria Falls

After Niagara, Victoria Falls is the most famous waterfall in the world. And the noisiest one: you can hear it even being 50 kilometers away. The most beautiful and unforgettable picture of Africa is easy to explain: the strong Zambezi river that flows through the plain basalt plate in a valley, falls into a thin rift more than 100 meter below suddenly and unexpectedly. The waterfall is very wide (nearly 2000 meters) and that is why it creates noise and mist falling from such a high point.

Africa Places

The perfect way to see this wonder of the world is to fly above it on a helicopter: you can see all the might and beauty of the waterfall from the height. When planning to make a trip to Victoria Falls, do not forget that the best looks are in spring: the Zambezi river is especially fast during the period from March to May.

If you want to add extreme impressions to the aesthetic ones, you can try bungee-jumping, rafting down the fast-moving river, or swimming in a small natural pool located on the top of the waterfall. They call it the “Devil’s Pool”. I can’t even guess the impressions you can get when swimming there.


 A trip to the place where human kind was born is one of the most unusual experiences one can get. Many people come to a distant Kenya exactly for this: to walk the same paths where an ancestor of a Homo Sapiens appeared nearly three million years ago. And they can come here to see the center of the planet: here, in Kenya, there is the place where the Equator line crosses the land.

Persons who are less romantic can find interesting activities in this country, too: go for a safari through luxurious national parks and see their main inhabitants – the big five of Africa; spend a night as a guest of Maasai – one of the most original and traditional tribes of the world; find out how rubies and brilliants are mined; meet pink flamingos; taste exotic dishes; and rest on the Kenyan coast after all that.

The most fashionable and unusual possibility to rest in Kenya is to stop in one of the stylish eco-lodges located directly on the territory of African sanctuaries: you can drink some wine from the cellar nearby for supper, and when you wake up in the morning, it is possible to see the giraffe walking several meters away from the lodge through the window.


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